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Veredus Magnetic Stable Boots Evo Front Veredus Magnetik Line FREE POST

Veredus Magnetic Stable Boots Evo Front Veredus Magnetik Line FREE POST

Veredus Magnetic Stable Boots Evo Front Veredus Magnetik Line FREE POST    Veredus Magnetic Stable Boots Evo Front Veredus Magnetik Line FREE POST

Veredus Magnetik Stable Boots EVO - Front. Available in three sizes: Small (Pony) Medium (Cob/up to 16.1hh) Large (Horse/16.2hh+).

These are the latest version of this very popular boot and have an improved anatomical fit. They combine a supportive stable boot with multiple neodymium magnets to promote healing and reduce swelling. These are the highest quality magnetic boots on the market. We are having great success with these on our own horses and can highly recommend them.

Veredus Magnetik Stable Boots offer a practical and effective alternative to traditional bandaging. The boot is manufactured from HCL Aerox, a breathable microperforated neoprene which is both comfortable and durable. The interchangeable under-bandage is made from the specialized DFD fabric which is highly absorbent, allowing the lining to wick moisture away from the horse's legs in order for the skin to stay dry.

The boot is fitted with a polyurethane fetlock protector to reduce contact wear and Velcro straps with elastic support to enhance wearing comfort and adherence. The boot's magnetic properties stimulates blood flow to the lower limbs of the horse, reducing inflammatory processes and slowing down the physiological deterioration of tissues.

These magnetic stable boots are perfect to leave on a stabled horse. Great boots for horses in lots of work or older horses/ponies in their teens that require extra help to maintain suppleness and freedom of movement.

Features Summary: Veredus Magnetik Stable Boots EVO. 28 neodymium magnets (per pair) which develop a power of 2400 Gauss each. Boot supports tendons and under fetlock and helps reduce after work swelling.

Boot is secured by velcro fastenings, so no worries about them coming off. Boot comprises a breathable foam outer and interchangeable cotton pads. Spare pads can be bought separately.

Powerful magnetic field generated by multi-pole neodymium plates located in the tendon and fetlock areas of the boot. Sizes - small, medium and large. The new improved anatomical fit in conjunction with the DFD liner, which allows the skin to remain dry, mean that these are very comfortable boots for the horse to wear for extended periods of time. They may be left on overnight & are completely safe to leave on for up to 24 hours at a time.

The boots cannot harm the horse and are both much quicker to apply, and safer than bandaging. Magnetic therapy is non-invasive and contains no doping effect. Magnotherapy is a medical method that treats several pathologies in man and animals, utilising magnetic fields. Magnetic fields provide significant benefits in all inflammatory processes which are often accompanied by pain. The benefit is obtained through a reduction of the inflammatory process and, at the same time, an analgesic action with respect to the tissue nerve fibres. The cells, whose funadamental task is the production of energy, have an electric voltage that feeds a coordinated activity on the level of tissues and organs. In a situation of internal or external injury, cell activity is compromised and the consequences are inflammation, pain, etc. The creation of a magnetic field by means of permanently magnetised neodymium plates having several polarities helps restore the biological energy, slowing down the physiological deteroration of tissues and increasing the rate of repair. Magnotherapy stimulates vasodilation, increases the blood flow to the injured part, speeds up the elimination of dead cells and toxins, relaxes the muscles and reduces swelling.

The static magnetic energy also stimulates the production of Elastin and Collagen, which are indispensible elements for the regeneration of tissues. What happens if I leave them on for longer than 24 hours? The boots have no adverse effects whatsoever if left on for extended periods. In fact, leaving the boots on overnight is of great benefit as night-time is when the body natually increases the rate at which it heals. The use of advanced technological materials allows the boots to be worn for long periods without the skin becoming sweaty.

This listing is for the Front boots only, please see our other Veredus Magnetick line listings for the hind boots. The item "Veredus Magnetic Stable Boots Evo Front Veredus Magnetik Line FREE POST" is in sale since Sunday, September 8, 2013. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Equestrian\Horse Wear\Horse Boots". The seller is "tghltd" and is located in ebay.

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  1. Sub-Type: Magnetic therapy & support stable boots
  2. Modified Item: No
  3. Colour: Black
  4. Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy
  5. Custom Bundle: No
  6. Material: Aerox perforated neoprene + 28 neodymium magnets
  7. Type: Therapy Boots
  8. Brand: Veredus Magnetik Line

Veredus Magnetic Stable Boots Evo Front Veredus Magnetik Line FREE POST    Veredus Magnetic Stable Boots Evo Front Veredus Magnetik Line FREE POST